The Ministry of ARP

Aaron's Revival Project (ARP) is a four-tier setup of ministry outreach programs operated by independent Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) recording artist, Shawn Aaron Thomas.
Part one is his ministry as a worship leader (including training/coaching) and Christian music artist. Part two is an independent social media feed of believers sharing inspirational posts, messages of faith, and testimonies in Worship Together. Part three is an outreach through online radio called, VOWRadio or "Voice of Worship Radio," featuring digital streaming of popular and independent CCM artists, and offering resource programming for worship leaders and praise teams. Part four offers recording, production, and mastering services from demos to fully produced projects through a Pro Tools Recording Studio.

Aaron's Revival Project (The Ministry of ARP) - Shawn Thomas
Purpose, Vision, and Mission of The Ministry of ARP:

PURPOSE STATEMENT: To share the grace message of God's love shown in the living Word of Jesus Christ.

MISSION STATEMENT: To use music and the arts as Spiritual tools encouraging personal responsibility, Holy self-reliance and obedience, and the development of conviction and values, in order to promote Christian unity. (Eph 4:11-13, 1Cor 12:12-13)

VISION STATEMENT: To enable others to bring their best to God in worship utilizing their God-given gifts, talents, and abilities; and to expand the outreach of The Ministry of ARP by seeking God's direction and inspiration for new new projects, collaborations, and programs.

Support and Contributions

The Ministry of ARP and Shawn Thomas are supported by love offerings and gifts of support from sponsors and contributors. Contributions are gratefully received from individuals as well as other churches, ministries, and organizations.  
As a standard in his ministry, Shawn Thomas does not charge fees or require minimum guarantees on love offerings when working with churches. Your support helps continue this way of operation.

Giving/Love Offering Options
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