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Aaron's Rainbow Project


Aaron's Rainbow Project is a three-tier setup of programs operated by independent recording artist, Shawn Aaron Thomas.   Part one is his ministry as an "out" (openly gay) Christian music artist, worship leader, and presenter.   Part two is an outreach through online radio called, VOWRadio or "Voice of Worship Radio", featuring digital streaming of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) and interviews with special guest artists and faith community leaders.   Part three offers recording, production, and mastering services from demos to fully produced projects through a "Pro Tools" Recording Studio.

Shawn Thomas

Shawn Thomas Online
Voice of Worship Radio VOWRadio

Voice of Worship Radio
Shawn Thomas Studios

Shawn Thomas Studios

Purpose, Vision, and Mission of The Ministry of ARP:

PURPOSE STATEMENT:  To share the grace message of God's love shown in the living Word of Jesus Christ.
MISSION STATEMENT:  To use music and the arts as Spiritual tools encouraging personal responsibility, Holy self-reliance and obedience, and the development of conviction and values, in order to promote Christian unity. (Eph 4:11-13, 1Cor 12:12-13)
VISION STATMENT:  To develop and expand the outreach of The Ministry of ARP by seeking God's direction and inspiration for new new projects, collaborations, and programs.

Support and Contributions

Aaron's Rainbow Project (ARP) and Shawn Thomas are supported by love offerings and gifts of support from sponsors and contributors. Contributions are gratefully received from individuals as well as other churches, ministries, and organizations.
As a standard in his ministry, Shawn Thomas does not charge fees or require minimum guarantees on love offerings when visiting churches. Your support helps continue this way of operation.

Friends and Partners in Ministry

The love and support of these groups/individuals and others is a blessing. Some contributions have been made "in kind". ARP and Shawn Thomas are grateful for all offerings received of any amount and of any kind including prayers and blessings.


(total gift of $100-$399.99 -OR- a monthly pledge of $10-25):

Thomas Picciurro, David Cooney, John M. Young, Donna Larkin and Kathy Moore, Thomas Ray Poe, Pine Street Animal Clinic, Rose Marie Lindsey, a group contribution (from Marvin Matthews, Peggy Campolo, and Kenny Bishop), Kathleen Olejniczak, Ed and Carma Ray, Dale Worley, Darren Sanderson and Wayne Tedford, Melissa Reeves, Patty and John Featherstone, Norman Seifert, Gail Gill and Lu Ann Ellsworth, Marie and Lisa Cupit, Colleen and Mark Szymcik, William Young II, Sandi MacManus, Mjay Sanders, Courtney A Clayton, Bill Parrott and Jim Docter, Robert Collins, Paul R. Taylor, Steve Urie and Heath Ross, Jerry Smith, Diane Bagby and Debbie Carter, Brett H. Cook, Bruce and Susan Parsley, Rogelio L. Carrera, John Rayburn, John Young, Elliott Barber & Fernand Fournier, Anna Orozco, Judy & Dee Dale, Heather Shiminsky, Beverly Fernsemer, Sandra Longworth, Rex Eiland, Robert Bevins and Dale Stephens, James & Judith Walser, Leslie Tipton and Sandra Rutland, Mike Underhill and Vince Benabese, Diane Waddell, Kristin Hamlin, Cathy McEneny, Cindy Taylor, Kathleen Hanas, Henry Lieffers, David Pomeroy, Paul Bates, Veronica Franklin, DP Skinner & MJ Headman, Tracy Patton, David and Janice Brown, Sharon Busch, Scot A. Kleinhanzl, Michael Mansker...


(total gift of $400 or more -OR- monthly pledge $50 or more):

Ken Gies, Roy Pearson, Michael Ray Cdebaca and David Wells, Richard Theilig and James Kelley, Greg Davis and Richard Morris, Connie Albert and Diane Barber, Larry Gettleman, Michael K. Trueblood, C. Ken Schroeder, Ron Anderson, Ed Paul, Jim Hiatt, John Street, Ed Mannix, David Harvey, Joni Christian, Richard Chaney, Jody Himberger, Melba Sutton, Linda Ochs and Jill Himberger...

Church & Organization Contributors:

MCC of the Palm Beaches (Florida), North Star Cathedral of Hope (Massachusetts), Open Door Community Churches (Arkansas & Colorado), Third Lutheran Church (Kentucky), Christ's Church United (Georgia), Spirit of Christ MCC (Missouri), Forest Hill Christian Church (California), MCC United (Oklahoma), Big Easy MCC (Louisiana), Celebration of Faith (California), Just as You Are - JAYA (Georgia), MCC Topeka (Kansas), Church of the Holy Spirit Song (Florida), New Beginnings Church (Indiana), Grace Gospel Chapel (Seattle)

Received in Memory:

The following contributors made gifts in memory of Robin Fortin (1975-2008):

Palm Beach Business Associates, Galen Publishing Inc., Thomas English, SeaBreeze Publications Inc., East Coast Electric Screening LLC, Preferred Professionals of Martin County Inc.